Cultivating young minds toward entrepreneurism

Hello world from GEESE – Global Education in European Schools promoting Entrepreneurism.

What is entrepreneurism if not innovation and business creation, inquiry methods and idea generation, skills required for the field to take its place in a 21st Century workforce needed for competitive economies and markets? We see in real-world applications how teaching entrepreneurism leads to technological innovation and skills, and embrace the concept of cultivating young minds toward entrepreneurism at an early age. Thus, we have placed our focus on K-12 education beginning in middle school, ages 10-12.

Members of the GEESE network have come together to bring attention to the advancements made toward building these important transversal skills at the basic primary and secondary levels of compulsory education. Follow us as we explore innovation taking place in our six countries, as well as advancements on the topic of entrepreneurism taking place around the world.

Best regards from the GEESE Network.
Sandra Lund is Project Manager at GEESE
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